Alas, here we are again, albeit a bit of a gap between the last post and this one, but nonetheless, here. I wish I was posting about something better. I wish I was writing, thinking, perseverating about anything but this. But I can’t. Society won’t let me. So here we go. Again.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. I just can’t with people anymore. I just can’t. I can’t with the politics in this country, and I can’t with the bipartisan bullshit. They always have to make things political. And this isn’t one of those things.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. If I can wear a mask for 15 hours at work, YOU can wear a mask for 20 minutes at the grocery store.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. I’m not religious, but we’re gonna go there. If Jesus washed the feet of the homeless, you can wear a mask for 5 minutes while pumping gas. I mean, for Christ’s sake! What is it with you people? Jesus apparently died on the cross for you, and you can’t even be selfless enough to wear a damn mask while picking out tomatoes?! Get it together and stop being such stupid hypocrites. (This isn’t for all Bible acolytes, obviously. Just the ones who are protesting the mask and twisting the “word of God” to mean what they want it to mean…).

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. Because it’s not about you. It was never about you. It’s about others, and protecting others. It’s about selflessness and community. And as a country, we’re failing this very simple lesson. Tremendously. Get your head out of your ass, get off your high horse and have a little humility.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. Because as a nurse, I’m still counting on you, person in the community. We are still in the throes of the first wave, and you think this is over? We’re not even close to the second wave! Protect ME. Protect our healthcare system from becoming overburdened. Again. The gods know I’m doing my damnedest to protect YOU.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. Because it’s the right thing to do. This is NOT political. This is SCIENCE. This is MORALITY. This is PRINCIPLE. Have a little. It’ll do you good.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. This isn’t about taking away your rights. It never was. But the government, both local and federal, are cracking down because they have to. You people made them because you were too stupid, too haughty, too self righteous. And now look where your hubris has gotten us. Surges, surges everywhere. And soon, no more ICU beds. Again.

WEAR THE DAMN MASK. Because this is way too soon for us to be repeating history. And yet, here we are. But in the end, my friend, if you’re still reading this, perhaps this is a way the Earth will thin the herd. Sad and harsh, but true. Social Darwinism at its finest, brought to you by anti-mask people.

But the sad part is, it won’t be the idiot refusing to wear the mask who gets COVID and dies. It’ll be the poor grandma they coughed on–who WAS wearing a mask–at the super market; it’ll be the immuno-compromised 35 – year-old wearing a mask, taking their kid to the park; it’ll be the uncle with COPD wearing a mask, picking up take-out for his family.

Look, we’re all sick and tired of this shit. NO ONE can deny that. I’m sick and tired of it, too. Maybe more than most. I’m irritated. Clearly. But this is only made worse by people unwilling to cooperate. It makes my job harder than it already is. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. While all of you got “staycactions” over this, I’ve been in the throes of “business as usual but way worse” since all of this began. So just TRY to imagine how incensed I am over this. Just a little! Just TRY!!!!!

We all want to go about our lives and enjoy summer. I do get it. I promise, I do. I want nothing more than to go to the beach with friends, and head out to a restaurant and sit by the water without wearing a mask, without worrying I might give COVID to someone, without worrying I might contract it from someone. But I can’t.

I AM exposed to COVID at work and I will NOT put myself in a situation where I am unnecessarily around people right now. Obviously, I still have to go grocery shopping, but how do you think the people around me would feel if I wasn’t wearing a mask and was walking around Market Basket shouting “I work with COVIDS!!!!!!”? I doubt I’d make it outta that store unscathed.

I will not go out. I will not do it. Because I have principles. It would never sit right with me, sitting at a restaurant, not knowing whether or not I gave COVID to someone near me. As far as I know, I’m not positive, but I could be a carrier. Who knows?! The same is probably true for thousands of others going out to restaurants. Was the cocktail worth it? I certainly hope so.

But let me tell you: we won’t get to enjoy ANY summers if we’re dead.

Just keep remembering that. It’s an inconvenience at least, a sacrifice at most, and a price we must pay if we want to experience the sweet fruits of life on the other side of this horrible charade. Nothing worth having comes easily, and I think Life is worth it. It’s worth the hefty price of social distancing and mask-wearing. Just do it. You will thank yourself at the end of this for your humility and selflessness.

Stay strong. Stay focused. Be humble. Be principled. THINK SMART.



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